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Yichun University

Yichun University is found in Heart of Jiangxi Province

Yichun University location:

Yichun faculty is found within the heart of Jiangxi-Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. CEC Pakistan is officially represented Yichun UniversityYichun University recognized by HEC and PMC. Since ancient times, Yichun has been called the “land of beauty in the south of the Chang Jiang and therefore the country of prosperity of cultural relics”. Yichun university ranking is high in China’s medical Universities. It’s one among the primary batch of national ecological pilot cities, national garden cities, national greening model cities, China’ glorious toured cities and national sanitary cities. Yichun has lovely scenery and convenient transportation. The Shanghai-Swiss Expressway, Hangzhou-Changzhou High-speed Railway, Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway have the city, and the Mingyueshan Civil airfield extends in all directions. MBBS in China from Pakistan students do MBBS in Yichun University.


Yichun University upgrading:

The predecessor of Yichun faculty was Yichun University, based in 1958. In january 2000, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the first Yichun academics College, Yichun Medical College, Yichun Agricultural College, and Yichun Workers’ Sparetime University incorporate and upgraded to a full-time public undergrad college. Yichun medical university world ranking is increasing with passage of time.

Campuses in Yichun University:

Yichun medical university world ranking and education standard is competitor with other medical universities of China. The school currently has three campuses:

  • the main campus
  • the north campus
  • the new campus

Yichun University MBBS is located in well famous city of China. It is covering an area of ​​nearly 2,000 acres.

No.of Students in Yichun University:

There are 17,938 regular students. There are 1540 school members, as well as 1057 full-time teachers. Lecturers with senior skilled titles account for quite 43.05% of full-time teachers, and doctors and masters account for more than 81.93% of full-time teachers. Yichun medical university fee structure 2022 and get admission by CEC Pakistan Consultants. MBBS in china fees of Yichun University cost is very less.


Special Allowance in Yichun University:

Among them, professionals experience unique allowances from the provincial government, Jiangxi there are greater than 70 capabilities above the provincial level, consisting of the provincial talents project. MBBS in china scholarship for pakistani students in Yichun University is offered at bachelors level.

Experts in Yichun University:

The school hires quite a hundred senior experts, as well as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and scholar supervisor of the University of Science and Technology of China, Academician chen Xinhua as guest professors. Yichun medical university admission 2022 open in March and September

Yichun University Performance in previous Years:

In recent years, the school’s name for running a college has steady improved.

  • In 2007, the school passed the analysis of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education with “good” results. Yichun medical university official website is given on record.
  • In October 2011, with the approval of the educational Degrees Committee of the State Council, the school was approved as a “Service for National Special wants Project-Bachelor’ Degree grants Units to develop skilled master’ degrees “Postgraduate Pilot Work Unit”.
  • In 2015, it absolutely was approved because the 1st batch of pilot universities for transformation and development in Jiangxi Province;
  • In 2018, the school was reviewed and evaluated by the Ministry of Education for undergraduate teaching work, and therefore the analysis knowledgeable group of the Ministry of Education evaluated Yichun faculty as “a regionally distinctive and advantageous an area application-oriented university with outstanding development potential”.
  • Yichun university ranking, admission and fee structure are also given in it.
  • The varsity has been awarded as a complicated unit in comprehensive governance at the provincial and municipal levels for 5 consecutive years, and has been awarded as an advanced unit in energy conservation, family planning, and letters and visits for several consecutive years.

Teaching Schools in Yichun University:

The school presently has nineteen teaching colleges, with eleven university disciplines as well as education, medicine, agriculture, literature, science, engineering, economics, law, management, art, and history, yet as provincial key disciplines throughout the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. 4.


Key Laboratories in Yichun University:

There are five provincial key laboratories (research centers), half-dozen provincial university key laboratories (engineering centers, key bases), one provincial cultural and art science key analysis base, 1 provincial 2011 cooperative innovation center, provincial non- 1 tangible cultural heritage research base.

Undergraduate’s majors in Yichun University:

Yichun University China is a university of higher learning. The school strives to enhance the extent of running a school. From the start of the merger and institution of the college, it’s been primarily specialized in colleges, and currently it has been mainly supported undergraduate majors. In 2018, the enrollments of junior college students are suspended. There are presently sixty nine undergraduate majors, as well as 2 national characteristic majors, 2 provincial-level superior characteristic majors, seven provincial-level first-rate major construction sites of the Ministry of Education, eight provincial characteristic majors, and a couple of majors of the National “Excellent Talent Education and coaching Program” . Yichun medical university ranking is officially recognized by Higher Education department. There are five pilot majors in the provincial “Excellent Talent Education and coaching Plan”. One national comprehensive reform pilot major, and four provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors. There is one master’ degree with an expert degree.

Yichun University Clinical Medicines:

Yichun university official website is so comfortable to use. There are 1 post-doctoral analysis workstation and a pair of academician workstations. In 2017, it with success passed the clinical drugs professional certification organized by the Ministry of Education, and was approved because the only pilot school of the primary batch of artificial intelligence college project of the Ministry of Education in Jiangxi Province; Wan Project) to make schools”. Yichun medical university fee structure 2012-23, ranking and approved by PMC. Yichun medical university fee structure included Tiution fee and Accommodation fee.

Achievements of Faculty of Yichun University:

within the past five years, our faculty has been approved for 1 national-level social observe first-class course, three new agricultural and new engineering research and reform practice comes of the Ministry of Education, twelve provincial-level boutique on-line open courses, and a provincial-level university course education sharing arrange three courses, one provincial-level philosophical  and political demonstration course, seven ideological and political micro-courses were hand-picked and pushed to the educational power platform.  Yichun, Heilongjiang is the famous city in China

Yichun University Achievements:

2 provincial-level virtual simulations experimental teaching comes were approved.  The Ministry of Culture and business was approved as a “dual teacher” teacher 1 talent training project. Approved over one hundred provincial-level teaching reform analysis projects.  Yichun medical university fee structure 2021 is affordable and attracted to international students. Printed more than forty textbooks. Won ten provincial-level teaching accomplishment awards. Educated students to win more than twenty international awards in national and provincial competitions, there are over one hundred national 1st prizes and more than 240 provincial first prizes.

Research in Yichun University:

The school smartly promotes research project to strengthen the school, and pays attention to scientific research to feedback teaching. Within the past 5 years, the typical annual scientific research funding of academics has exceeded 60,000 Yuan, and that they have undertaken over seventy national scientific researches comes comparable to the National scientific discipline Foundation of China and also the National science Foundation, and more than 1,500 different varied projects. Yichun medical university was set up in Jiangxi Province. Won the provincial and higher than accomplishment awards 29. Printed more than 1,100 papers in core journals, and published more than a hundred monographs (translations); research on biomedicine, beauty medicine, two-line hybrid rice, etc. has reached the domestic advanced level.


Faculty of Yichun University Aims:

Yichun university school of medicine is built with high motto. As a comprehensive undergraduate faculty with the longest history of running faculties in western Jiangxi, Yichun University has continually adhered to the morality and cultivation of people, adhering to the varsity motto of “Honesty, Ability, Knowledge, and Practice”, and centering on the wants of building a particular and high-level native applied university, active the school-running philosophy of “locality, application, and openness”, and is committed to cultivating “five talents”. Yichun University ranking excellent among the medical universities of China. In step with incomplete statistics, 60% of primary and secondary school principals, heads of medical institutions and township leaders within the western Jiangxi region are graduates of Yichun University; several elites from all walks of life represented by Hong Bo and “National Outstanding Teacher” Liu Jun have totally demonstrated their sensible school-running strength and profound school-running background


Corporation of Yichun University:

The school takes the initiative to attach with the “One Belt One Road” strategy and insists on taking the road of international education. it’s in turn carried out cooperation and exchanges with universities and research and academic establishments in nearly 20 countries and regions together with the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, etc., and promoted exchange students, teacher training, etc. Yichun medical university ranking and fee is affordable. The implementation of the project has established a broad platform for lecturers and students to share high-quality educational resources abroad. In 2018, with the approval of Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, the National Chinese instruction Center put together built with Lavri University of Technology in India was formally inaugurated and established, filling the gap within the construction of the school’ philosopher Institute. In 2020, the undergraduate Chinese-foreign cooperative education project of liberal arts organized in cooperation with the Russian achene Society and traditional University was approved by the Ministry of Education, achieving a zero breakthrough within the school’ 1st undergraduate Chinese-foreign cooperative education project. At present, there are 322 international students in the school, primarily receiving clinical medicine, animal medicine and alternative professional education in our school. Yichun medical university admission 2022 will open in Coming intake. Yichun medical university fee structure 2022 is as same as previous.


MBBS Curriculum in Yichun University

1st Year
1st  Semester 2nd Semester
Chinese Language Chinese Language
Anatomy Anatomy
2nd Year
3rd Semester 4th  Semester
Chinese Language Chinese Language
Histology & Embryology Biochemistry
Physiology Micro & Immunology
3rd Year
5th Semester 6th Semester
Chinese Language Pathophysiology
Pathology Epidemiology
Radiology Hygiene
Physical Diagnosis Forensic Medicine
4th Year
7th Semester 8th Semester
Pharmacology Pharmacology
Medicine Medicine
Pediatrics Gynecology & Obstetrics
5th Year
9th Semester 10th Semester
Surgery Surgery
Dermatology Opthomology
Infectious Disease Stomatology
Psychiatry Neurology
Otolaryngology Emergency Medicine
Acupuncture & Massage Oncology Conspectus
6th Year (Internship)
11th Semester 12th Semester
Surgery Surgery
Medicine Medicine
Gynecology & Obstetrics Gynecology & Obstetrics
Psychiatry Psychiatry
Pediatrics Pediatrics



Required Documents of Yichun University:

Note: Students having HSSC (Pre-Medical) /Senior High School (10+2) with good grade in (Physics, Chemistry, English, Biology) can apply in Yichun University.

  • Matric
  • Fsc
  • Passport
  • Police report
  • Medical
  • Pic 4 white backgrounds
  • Bank statement 5 lac minimum
  • Affidavit
  • FRC
  • Study Plans
  • CV


MBBS fee package of Yichun University

Degree Awarding = MBBS (Clinical Medicine)

MBBS in China scholarship in Yichun University is usually offer for masters students for provincial scholarship. MBBS in China 2022 admissions will open in January for March intake 2022. MBBS in China english medium majors are also available for international students in Yichun University.

MBBS in China for pakistani students fee structure is very attractive and reasonable. MBBS in China for pakistani students 2021 are study online currently.


1st year fee: 36,200 RMB

Note: 1st year fee include tuition fee, hostel, 2 years green card, medical test, health insurance, medical garments, Chinese language books and dormitory deposit as refundable money.

2nd Year to onward = 20,000 RMB

Note: From 2nd year to onward only tuition and hostel fee

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